C/F Convert

Convert with ease.

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Why use it?

- Does not depend on internet connection

- Copy lines of text directly into converter

- App. keeps track of recent conversions

- Pefect travel companion

Not used to temperature in °F or °C ? No problem! Convert to either using this app. The app provides a table to review most recent conversions! Convert weather, cooking instructions, body thermometer readouts, etc. Never burn your favorite dish or wear a mini-skirt when it is below freezing again!

Top Features (iOS 7.0+)

- Simplified interface and light weight design

Number pad with big keys, and large cast buttons make the app. easy and straightforward to use.

- Get conversions fast, does not rely on reception quality

App. converts locally, there is no need for wasting cell data on loading complex sites to perform these simple conversions. Especially when you are travelling or are in a limited service zone.

Official Rules

Convert away! Do not cast into °C and °F simultaneously or you might cause a space-time rift.

End User License Agreement (EULA)


Please direct any questions or issues to:

KCMD, LLC contact e-mail

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