Fifteen Fun

The classic puzzle redefined.

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Why play it?

- Trains brain while having fun

- Improves hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition and memory

- Compare statistics after each game, get better!

Train your brain while having fun! Fifteen Fun redefines this timeless classic puzzle with exciting and colorful themes, an interactive menu, and smooth controls. You can choose an image from your photo library to set as the puzzle with any theme, or choose the impossible game mode to play a trick on your friends. This game will never get old, get those neurons moving!

Top Features (iOS 7.0+)

- Deterministic and smooth controls

Controls based on swipe gesture recognition eliminate the chance of causing a wrong move. Move multiple peices at a time to save on total moves.

- 6 fun themes, 4 game modes, 3 difficulty levels

The app. features 6 different themes; classic, steel, beach, jungle, sport and vampire. 3x3 or 4x4 puzzle has 3 different difficulty levels; beginner, medium or hardest. Game modes include random, reverse, row reverse and impossible.

Official Rules

24 hour trial is persistent to each device that the app. is installed on; therefore, reinstalling the app. does not restart your trial period. However, reinstalling the app. will reset the statistics and user preferrences that were saved.

End User License Agreement (EULA)


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