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Why use it?

- Use the most advanced parking meter timer

- Share your unused parking minutes

- Get rescued before your meter expires

- Earn Meter Minutes and wing tiers for fun

Have you ever paid for a full hour of parking, went to get a coffee, and then returned to the parking spot and had a ton of minutes still left? Did you ever want to tell someone about it? Well this app. enables you to share these unused minutes with users in the vicinity.

How about, you paid for an hour of parking, went to a meeting and then realized that it is going to run over? The rescue feature enables you to request another user to add time to your parking meter, just as long as it is within the parking limit for the location. Always observe parking laws!

Using the timer, sharing left over minutes and rescuing users earns you Meter Minutes. They are like points you earn for doing good deeds! Earn enough and you are promoted to a new wing tier; this makes the whole experience feel like a game, to make it more fun to be a good samaritan.

Top Features (iOS 7.0+)

- Timer accounts for time to walk back

The parking timer accounts for the distance you travel away from your parking spot. A more advanced algorithm is used to calculate the time it will take to walk back. It is not just a straight line approximation which is used by most apps.

- Walking navigation back to parking spot

App. stores your parked location and takes you back using Apple Maps. The directions are pre-configured for walking.

- No signing in or passwords

Don't waste time with other apps. requiring a user name and password. All Meter Fairy needs is for you to verify your e-mail and pick a user name, once! Please check your spam folder for the verification e-mail.

- Simplified interface and light weight design

Large buttons, and minimalistic style make it easy to use the app. on the go. The app. uses GPS, data and the graphics engine only when needed to reduce CPU usage and battery consumption.

Official Rules

First and foremost, observe the parking laws for your location! Never exceed the parking limit for the parking area.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

How To...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is performing a rescue illigal?

    A: This depends on your local laws. Our research indicates that in most locations no one cares, as long as the vehicle is not parked for a period longer than the indicated parking limit. When you rescue someone you are performing a service both parties agreed to; one person wants to extend their parking time, but can not physically leave to do so, and the other can.

    However, feeding multiple parking meters for people you do not know or have not come to an agreement with, interfering with the parking authority services or exceeding the parking limit, and similar activities are illigal.

  2. Q: Will you sell my e-mail or send me spam?

    A: Absolutely not! All client to server communication is secure and your e-mail will never be sold.

  3. Q: I am not getting the verification e-mail, what am I doing wrong?

    A: Thanks for giving Meter Fairy a try! Check your spam folder and if the verification e-mail is there, then please mark the e-mail from us as not spam.

  4. Q: How does the app. handle smart meters that reset the parking meter after the car leaves?

    A: Smart meters are an issue, but the app. handles them by allowing the user giving the credit to select that the meter could have been a smart meter. The easiest way to recognize this is to look on the pavement and see if there is a puck sensor there; if there is, then you parked at a smart meter. You will still be given credit for leaving time, but not as much; because if the meter resets, then the time left can not be verified.

    Regardless, according to our research 50% of these sensors are broken or work erroneously; i.e. the meter will not reset at all after the car leaves. The situation that the manufacturers of these systems run into is that they can not make the sensor too sensitive or the meter will reset when a big truck drives near by and you will get a ticket in error, and the other is that you make it too insensitive and meter will not reset. This fine balance makes it hard for these systems to function properly.


Please direct any questions or issues to:

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